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The very best of what Authentic Indian Cuisine has to offer, welcome aboard Aroma Indian Cuisine West Palm Beach, FL. Please do not hesitate to leave us reviews or feedback and we will definitely try to use your valuable feedback.

Feel free to call us  (561) 619-6437 or simply email us : 


Open 7 days a week
Mon – Fri: 11.30 AM to 2.30 PM
Sat – Sun: 12:00 AM to 3 PM


Open 7 days a week
Mon – Thu: 5 PM to 10.00 PM
Fri – Sat: 5 PM to 10:30 PM
Sun 5:00 PM-9:00 PM


Offering the best of authentic Indian drinks both hot and cold. Lassis, Falooda, Aamras, Kulukki sharbat, masala tea and much more


Good service and the food was great! I tried two of the veggie dishes, the pakoras, naan, rice, and rice pudding. The naan was amazing! The spinach dish was my favorite of the two I tried. It was creamy but well-spiced, not spicy. 
Daniela C
Daniela C

Some of the best Indian food in West Palm Beach. They are proud to show you their desserts which are a new take on traditional Indian sweets, but with an amazing improvement.

Alex Galvan
Alex Galvan
First time here. Everything was superb. Thank you for completing my Mother’s day. I came with my children. Excellent place.
Elizabeth Skeete
Elizabeth Skeete


Your Feedback is extremely valuable to us. Please send us suggestions, feedback about the food or just about anything else so that we can improve, and if you already like us, don’t forget to send us a review


If you haven’t eaten Indian food before, or you’ve only tried it a few times, facing the large menu typical of most Indian restaurants can be rather intimidating. A little guidance might help.

Bring a friend or two or three. Indian food is usually brought to the table in small casserole dishes, for guests to scoop out onto individual dinner plates. You and your friends can all order different dishes and then try them all out to see which you like best.

Many people worry that Indian food will be too spicy. Not necessarily. Most restaurants will let you request the level of spiciness for the dishes you order. At Aroma Indian Restaurant , they follow a 1-5 spice scale, ranging from mild to hot. Not afraid of a bit of heat in your dinner? The truly adventurous have been known to order their entrees at a 10 or 12 on the spice scale.


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Chef Rence is the brains AND brawn behind AROMA, his newest restaurant in West Palm Beach, FL.
An experienced and creative professional, his passion for cooking is only matched by his incredible talent for designing artful and delicious dishes. Chef learned to cook from his grandmother when he was just a boy.  Accompanying her in the kitchen, he developed the basic skills that still serve as the foundation for his phenomenal abilities.  His love for preparing excellent meals never waned, and as an adult, he attended Hotel Management School in Chennai, India and received a degree in food and hotel management.

This opened new worlds of information and technique to Chef Rence.  Following completion of his education, working for the largest hotel chain in Southeast Asia, as well as large Miami Beach-based cruise line. During these travels, Chef honed his abilities by taking the opportunities to learn even more from some of the finest chefs from around the globe. In 2002, he decided to share his gift with the United States, where he went on to manage several different restaurants in Fairfield County in CT,  specializing in Indian and Thai Cuisine.  For the past six years, he has successfully run his own catering company, providing a catered fine dining experience to a range of clients and events, from small private affairs, to large corporate gatherings.

Chef Rence simply loves food, cooking, and sharing a fantastic experience with others.  Although Indian cuisine is his first love, he now adds a bit of fusion on his own, twisting in exotic and delicious flavors like those found in Thai, Greek, Italian, and Mexican food. Branching out soon to open a new restaurant in West Palm Beach, Chef is excited to share his passion for exquisite cuisine with a new clientele.  No matter where you meet him, however, you can always count on one ingredient.

Every dish, every creation, every experience is ‘prepared and served with love’.